Included roles that manage services

For the roles depending on other roles managing a service, molecule has to be configured to not manage the service in Docker by setting _ignore_docker to no. Docker does not allow managing services on most Docker images.

Roles that include other roles

These role depend on a role that starts a service:

role dependencies
owncloud httpd, php_fpm & redis
mediawiki httpd
openvas redis
phpmyadmin httpd & mysql
php httpd
roundcubemail httpd
spamassassin rsyslog
tftpd xinetd

This list can be (re-)generated using:

grep -E "($(grep -Ril 'service:' ansible-role-* | cut -d/ -f1 | cut -d- -f3 | sort | uniq | xargs | sed 's/ /|/g'))" */requirements.yml


For example owncloud need extra variables to not start the depending services.

  name: ansible
        httpd_ignore_docker: no
        redis_ignore_docker: no
        php_fpm_ignore_docker: no