AnsibleFest2018 (Austin, Texas)

So, it’s been such a good week! Dennis, Marco, Jonathan and I (and 1300 other Ansible fans) visited Ansible Fest 2018.

Good to meet you

After working with quite some people online, I was really happy to finally meet some Ansible heroes:


Although nearly each talk was valuable, these are some (randomly ordered) takeaways that influence me:

Difficult to overwrite a single value:

  start_servers: 2
  max_clients: 2

Easy to overwrite:

apache_start_servers: 2
apache_max_clients: 2

All in all, I’m really happy with the direction Ansible is going and feel that most decicions I’ve done in the past year are correct.

I expect that molecule testing will be integrated into Galaxy and reports will be created using ARA will be integrated.