Ansible Galaxy Lint

Galaxy currently is a dumping place for Ansible roles, anybody can submit any quality role there and it’s kept indefinitely.

For example Nginx is listed 1122 times. Happily Jeff Geerling’s role shows up on top, probably because it has the most downloads.

The Galaxy team has decided that checking for quality is one way to improve search results. It looks liek roles will have a few criterea:

The rules are stored in galaxy-lint-roles. So far Andrew, House and Robert have contributed, feel free to propose new rules or improvements!

You can prepare your roles:

cd directory/to/save/the/rules
git clone
cd directory/to/your/role
ansible-lint -r directory/to/save/the/rules/galaxy-lint-rules/rules .

I’ve removed quite a few errors by using these rules:

You can peek how your roles are scored on development.