[204] Lines should be no longer than 120 chars

It seems Galaxy is going to use galaxy-lint-rules to star roles. One of the controls tests the length of the lines. Here are a few way so pass those rules.

Spread over lines

In YAML you can use multi line to spread long lines.

Without new lines

The > character replaces newlines by spaces.

- name: demostrate something
    msg: >
      This will just
      be a single long

With new lines

The | character keeps newlines.

- name: demostrate something
    msg: |
      The following lines
      will be spread over
      multiple lines.

Move long lines to vars

Sometimes variables can get very long. You can save a longer variable in a shorter one.

For example, too long would be this task in main.yml:

- name: unarchive zabbix schema
  command: gunzip /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-{{ zabbix_server_type }}-{{ zabbix_version_major }}.{{ zabbix_version_minor }}/create.sql.gz

Copy-paste that command to vars/main.yml:

gunzip_command: "gunzip /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-{{ zabbix_server_type }}-{{ zabbix_version_major }}.{{ zabbix_version_minor }}/create.sql.gz"

And change main.yml to simply:

- name: unarchive zabbix schema
  command: "{{ gunzip_command }}"


Yes it’s annoying to have a limitation like this, but it does make the code more readable and it’s not difficult to change your roles to get 5 stars.