Ansible Fest Atlanta 2019

Announcements on Ansible, AWX, Molecule, Galaxy, Ansible-lint and many other produts are always done on Ansible Fest.

Here is what I picked up on Ansible Fest 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ansible Collections

Ansible if full of modules, “batteries included” is a common expression. This reduces velocity in adding modules, fixing issues with modules or adding features to modules. Ansible Collections is there to solve this issue.

Ansible will (in a couple of releases) only be the framework, without modules or plugins. Modules will have to be installed seprarately.

There are a few unknowns:

Anyway, the big take-away: Start to learn to develop or use Ansible Collections, it’s going to be important.

Here is how to develop Ansible Collections and how to use them.


AWX is refactoring components to improve development velocity and the performance of the product itself.

Data analysis

There are a few applications to analyse data and give insights on development and usage of Ansible:

There are many more perspectives, have a look.

Next Ansible Fest not in Europe

Spain seems to be the largest contributor of Ansible, but next Ansible Fest will be in San Diego.

The Contributors Summit will be in Europe though.