Relations between containernames, setup and Galaxy

It’s not easy to find the relation between container names, facts returned from setup (or gather_facts) and Ansible Galaxy platform names.

Here is an attempt to make life a little easier:

containername ansible_distribution ansible_os_family ansible_distribution_major_version galaxy_platform galaxy_version
alpine Alpine Alpine 3 Alpine all
alpine:edge Alpine Alpine ? Alpine all
amazonlinux:1 Amazon RedHat 2018 Amazon 2018.03
amazonlinux Amazon RedHat 2 Amazon Candidate
archlinux Archlinux Archlinux ? ArchLinux all
centos:7 CentOS EL 7 EL 7
centos CentOS EL 8 EL 8
debian Debian Debian buster Debian buster
debian:unstable Debian Debian sid Debian sid
fedora Fedora RedHat 30 Fedora 30
fedora:rawhide Fedora RedHat 32 Fedora all
opensuse OpenSUSE Suse 15 opensuse all
oraclelinux:7 OracleLinux RedHat 7 EL 7
oraclelinux OracleLinux RedHat 8 EL 7
ubuntu Ubuntu Debian 18 Ubuntu bionic