5 times why

Why do I write all this code? What’s the purpose and were does it stop?

To answer this question, there is a method you can use: 5 times why. Answer the initial question and pose a new question: “Why?”. Repeat the process a couple of times until you get to the core of the reason. Let’s go.

1. Why do I write all this code?

Because it’s a great way to learn a language.

2. Why do I want to learn a new language?

Technology changes, this allows me to keep up to date.

3. Why do I need to be up to date?

Being up to date allows me to be relevant.

4. Why do I need to be relevant.

Being relevant allows me to steer my career.

5. Why do I need to steer my career?

I don’t want to depend on 1 single employer and have many options when choosing a job.


So, I write all this code to not depend on any one employer. Interesting conclusion, I tend to agree.