Ansible testing components

To test Ansible, I use quite some components. This page lists the components uses, their versions, and where they are used.

Component Used Latest Used where
ansible 2.9 2.9.18 tox.ini
ansible 2.10 2.10.7 tox.ini
molecule >=3,<4 c docker-github-action-molecule
tox latest n.a. docker-github-action-molecule
ansible-lint latest e docker-github-action-molecule
pre-commit 2.9.3 v2.10.1 nstalled on development desktop.
molecule-action 2.6.16 g .github/workflows/molecule.yml
github-action-molecule 3.0.6 h .gitlab-ci.yml
ubuntu 20.04 20.04 .github/workflows/galaxy.yml
ubuntu 20.04 20.04 .github/workflows/molecule.yml
ubuntu 20.04 20.04 .github/workflows/requirements2png.yml
ubuntu 20.04 20.04 .github/workflows/todo.yml
galaxy-action 1.1.0 m .github/workflows/galaxy.yml
graphviz-action 1.0.7 n .github/workflows/requirements2png.yml
checkout v2 o .github/workflows/requirements2png.yml
checkout v2 o .github/workflows/molecule.yml
todo-to-issue v2.3 p .github/workdlows/todo.yml
python 3.9 3.9 .travis.yml
pre-commit-hooks v3.4.0 r .pre-commit-config.yaml
yamllint v1.26.0 v1.26.0 .pre-commit-config.yaml
my pre-commit v1.1.2 u .pre-commit-config.yaml
fedora 33 33 docker-github-action-molecule