Code Organization

Context: I work in projects for customers. Mostly involving Ansible and Terraform. These customer range in size from about 100 employees to 100.000 employees.

Code organization?

After learning and adopting a technology, like Terraform on Ansible, a question that will come up is: “How do we structure all that code in a maintainable way?”. With this article I hope to explain what options there are and which option usually works.

NOTE: This is not exact science. This is my opinion and experience. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, with good reasons.

The organization types

I mostly see these types of organizations:


I’ve tried to draw (Yes, artschool does pay off.) a decision chart to help you decide which organization type to choose.

[Descision chart]

The outcome contains a few of terms that need more explanation:

My opinion

Hope this information helps a bit in deciding how to setup your repositories.