Distribution relations

There is a relation between:

Because these 3 relations can be confusing, here is a table that explains the relation.

Ansible Platform Platform Version Image Tag Branch
Amazon not used amazonlinux 1 1
Amazon 2018.30 amazonlinux latest master
Alpine all alpine latest master
Alpine all alpine edge edge
EL 7 centos 7 7
EL 8 centos latest master
EL 7 oraclelinux 7 7
EL 8 oraclelinux latest master
EL 7 redhat 7 7
EL 8 redhat latest master
Debian all debian latest master
Debian buster debian latest master
Debian not used debian latest testing
Debian not used debian latest unstable
Debian bulleye debian latest bullseye
Debian not used debian bookworm bookworm
Fedora 33 fedora 33 33
Fedora 34 fedora latest master
Fedora rawhide fedora rawhide rawhide
OpenSUSE all opensuse latest master
Ubuntu all ubuntu latest master
Ubuntu bionic ubuntu latest master

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